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Jobs’, Schmidt’s, Otellini’s shady no-poaching agreements | OSNews

January 24, 2013 A story of rather uncool corporate behaviour. It’s akin to cartels, which tend to also be outlawed in countries …read the rest

Geek Girls, CEOs and Coffees

July 18, 2012

Female engineers (and other tech professionals) are awesome. Healthy companies should contain a good set not only for the great …read the rest

Outsourcing your Public Presence

June 28, 2012

Many companies and organisations, large and small, now only interact with people through sites like Facebook and Google+. That is, …read the rest

Google Fails 36% Of The Time

October 18, 2011 An insightful analysis of Google launches since its 2004 IPO, how many of the ideas have failed and why …read the rest