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Google Fails 36% Of The Time

Innovation Starvation – Neal Stephenson

Science Fiction author Neal Stephenson has published an article on “Innovation Starvation” at the World Policy Institute (WPI). Well worth the read, it’s about vision, taking risks, the negative aspects of having instant access to information (it can kill innovation), and “getting big stuff done”.

Tim Harford on How Failing is Essential

Well ok that’s my juicy headline, but watch the whole of this theRSA video and I’m pretty confident you’ll agree with me that that is in fact the essence of what he’s saying. My six-year old daughter has already figured out that failing at something is the point where you learn the most. Trial-and-error is what improves things, so if you don’t fail at something you wouldn’t be able to improve! So please, fail early and fail often! (and the Upstarta-way: cheaply)