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Humanitarian Migrants Create Jobs

Humanitarian migrants make a huge contribution to our society and economy. This is unsurprising, when you think about it. Where they come from, they have the ultimate work ethic: everybody has to work or there won’t be any food to eat. It’s really that simple.

Perhaps some see this as a threat, but that would be a very constricted view of the matter. According to the data, many humanitarian migrants are creating their own businesses, and new jobs! I think this is a real asset and adds to our awesome diversity.


Humanitarian migrants make twice as much money from their own businesses as people arriving on skilled and family visas, says statistics bureau.

Refugees are not taking Australian jobs, they are creating new ones, according to new government research that reveals humanitarian arrivals are the country’s most entrepreneurial migrants.

[…] it was migrants who arrived as refugees who reported the highest proportion of their incomes that year “from their own unincorporated businesses”. This income grew with the length of time they spent in Australia, and “increased sharply” after five years of residency.

The report built on earlier research showing humanitarian migrants tended to work several jobs in their first few years in Australia to build capital to start their own businesses, the ABS said.

If you want to create jobs contribute, you get on with it and do so – governments don’t create jobs, people do. The best a government can do is to help create and support an environment in which this works well – generally speaking this is mostly a case of making sure initiatives are not sabotaged through well meaning but faulty legislation. Note though, less legislation and regulations doesn’t necessarily make for a better business environment.

Another obvious take-away from the research: saving up for starting your own business is an excellent way to get going, it’s the Upstarta way. It means you won’t start out with debt or repayment burdens.

(Video: An Asylum Seeker is Someone – Lentz Family, xmas 2013)