Hipster Ipsum

You know the placeholder texts when you do a site or document mock-up, the famous “ipsum lorem” (See the link to learn about its origins).

Now Jason Cosper has updated this centuries old concept for today, turning it into hipster speak with some online and green buzzwords sprinkled in. It comes in varieties “hipster with a shot of latin” and “hipster neat”. See Hipster Ipsum!

You end up with fun like:

Lo-fi messenger bag whatever, single-origin coffee VHS lomo ethical Austin helvetica wolf iphone pitchfork. Vinyl wolf four loko, carles whatever wes anderson echo park +1 synth. Beard raw denim vinyl, american apparel next level cliche dreamcatcher banksy banh mi fanny pack 8-bit. Etsy fap photo booth lomo. Etsy fap wayfarers shoreditch, carles cardigan bicycle rights twee marfa raw denim freegan. Stumptown mcsweeney’s farm-to-table, brunch twee DIY carles fixie you probably haven’t heard of them williamsburg homo tattooed four loko. Four loko you probably haven’t heard of them mcsweeney’s brooklyn artisan, pitchfork banh mi carles single-origin coffee thundercats organic cliche american apparel synth put a bird on it.

It does look a tad like linkspam, but since there are no actual links it shouldn’t be a problem – and you wouldn’t have this on a live site anyway unless it shows actual mock-ups.