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Photography Race Bias

An interesting article by Estelle Caswell at Vox: Photography Race Bias (Sep 2015). Well worthwhile considering, if you work with photos or video – for instance for website publication. Even today it’s an issue, depending on the tools you use and how well you (can) use them!

And as the accompanying video notes, it’s also relevant for tech tricks such as face recognition and face tracking.

Most of the world population is non-white: skins have all kinds of beautiful colours. Make sure your prints, videos, sites and software does them all credit.

Canadian Government Data Destruction

5 counterintuitive lessons I learned building a hardware startup | TechInAsia

Yuying Deng, founder of Aspirus, takes us through 5 things she learned while building a new standup desk.

  1. Hardware development cycles doesn’t take days but weeks
  2. It is not about the data science (not at first)
  3. Conventional methods work the best
  4. Forget about stealth mode
  5. Certification should come first, not last

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Why going home from work on time is good for you – and your employer | The Guardian

It’s past 5pm on Go Home on Time Day. Here’s why you should take that advice.


There is a lot of evidence that the number of hours worked does not equate to how much you are getting done. With the OECD countries above, there is a statistically significant negative relationship between the average hours worked and the amount of money made per hour worked. In other words, the countries with longer working hours tend to have less economically productive workers.