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The Economics of Spam

August 7, 2012

David H. Reilley, Jr. (Google Inc, formerly Yahoo!) and Justin M. Rao (Microsoft Research, formerly Yahoo!), have authored a paper …read the rest

Spammer Selling Anti-spam Tools

June 29, 2012

Today I received an unsolicited email starting “The email tsunami has swamped everyone, [product name] helps you clear the debris and …read the rest

Upstarta Style Project: Hawkers Notice

August 31, 2011

For years I’ve had a notice at my front door, which has been very effective in warding off sales people …read the rest

Spam selling contacts

July 28, 2011

From an email to my private address: I hope you are the right person to talk about new companies interested …read the rest

When every email looks like a lead

June 7, 2011

I received an unsolicited email from an Australian company, which is illegal as per the Australian 2003 Spam Act legislation. …read the rest