Upstarta Style Project: Hawkers Notice

For years I’ve had a notice at my front door, which has been very effective in warding off sales people and other unwanted stuff. Friends would comment on it, and so recently I  chased up the option of getting the sign printed.

Finding the right material wasn’t entirely straightforward, as since it’s outside it needs to be weatherproof. The solution turned out to be getting it printed on colorbond steel – that makes it a bit more costly, but it looks good and is definitely durable.

The sign is now available for pre-order at, with shipping available within Australia and to New Zealand, USA and Canada.

This idea neatly fits the Upstarta principles… a little niche market is identified and explored, essentially without up-front investment. It also addresses a key issue that many people have with sales techniques and spam.

The “limitation” on shipping destinations comes from the fact that the text mentions dollars, and of course (to a degree) the English language. A manufacturing run does cost, so there need to be sufficient orders to make that viable. That said, other editions are a future possibility.