The Freedom to Make Mistakes

4 thoughts on “The Freedom to Make Mistakes”

  1. Freedom is all of the three things below and more:
    * being free from control
    * being free to be me (as an individual and as a business)
    * being free to learn, share and contribute.

    If you do not have all these three you are not truly free.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Rolf!
      The “Control” you mention is often a contentious issue. I agree, but I don’t see it as quite the same as “no rules”. To operate in a society, there are certain restrictions on what you can do. Generally, I’d say my freedoms are bound by things encroaching on the same freedoms of others. That’s where I believe the current US application of “freedom of speech” has gone wrong. A freedom that allows me to trample over the freedoms of others is not freedom, nor a society of equals. It’s one where the loudest or strongest gets their way – which is indeed the way it’s playing out. Unsurprisingly.

  2. I agree with arjen. Freedom has rules. As an example Perpetrators of Domestic Violence trample over the freedom of others through their unrelenting use of control. They step outside the rules and violate the freedom of others and at the same time want total control and freedom for themselves. In an attempt to keep control of another’s freedom they relentlessly maintain that their own freedom is at stake. The graph above (on the left) is a prime example of restricting freedom and achievement yet allowing blame on others for that lack of achievement. Lack of achievement and freedom because of one’s own shortcomings.

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