Pick Punch – a Creative Product

Upstarta is not about advertising products – but sometimes I spot a product or company that’s worth a mention, because of it actually dealing with a problem people are genuinely trying to solve, or the operational approach to a business.
I find Pick Punch creative, it’s a holepunch for guitar picks.

Naturally people would use specifically suited materials for serious work, but… as the picture already shows, you can punch almost anything including old credit cards and store loyalty cards. That’s hilarious, and such an excellent marketing gimmick: it makes the product and company get talked about.

Likely, a pick from an old card might not be perfect for the pick job, but it can be “good enough” and you can get a few picks out of a card. Even if you don’t “collect” such cards, you’re likely to have a few, and they do expire. Since you’d cut up or shred an old card, turning them in to picks along the way deals with the safety aspects, and extends the useful life of the material.

It looks like the product started as a novelty item – quality picks aren’t that expensive compared to the cost of the punch product. But, many guitar fanatics like to make their own picks (personalisation) so it does match a demand.

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  1. As a entrepreneur capable of play an ax I think this is an awesome and novel product. Thanks for the articles, I’m following via twitter and enjoying them.

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