Del Monte packaging: Bananas get second skin

The company has taken the view the yellow skin is not quite enough, and will sell individually-wrapped bananas at convenience stores, leisure centres and gyms.

The Germans have a word for this “umverpackung” (“package wrapping”).

Del Monte of course has even more wrapping on this, from the marketing department: the packaging increases the shelf life (they put the banana in when it’s green and it ripens more slowly) and my goodness, it’s recyclable!

That’s of course total greenwash marketing blah. Splitting up a bunch changes the pricing model from weight based to item based, and the price of the individual item is in fact qaudruple in the US where this product has already been available – yes, 4 times the price.

So it makes $ business sense for them, but it’s really, well, bananas. Do you buy it?