Fairfax Media Photo Archive: How Outsourcing Can Bite later

Economic lessons for US, UK and elsewhere


“GDP per capita in the UK is lower than it was before the crisis. That is not a success.”

Nobel prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz is the world’s foremost critic of economic and political inequality. He thinks the lessons of the global crash are being ignored, and he’s not much taken with the UK’s recovery either…

How Tech doesn’t directly Transform Society

Many optimists believe that technology can transform society. Yet the truth is far more interesting, argues Tom Chatfield


Lecturing in late 1968, the American sociologist Harvey Sacks addressed one of the central failures of technocratic dreams. We have always hoped, Sacks argued, that “if only we introduced some fantastic new communication machine the world will be transformed.” Instead, though, even our best and brightest devices must be accommodated within existing practices and assumptions in a “world that has whatever organisation it already has.”

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