Stupid Patent Applications

Stupid patent (pending) example:

“iCamPRO has 8 built-in IR LEDs with a light sensor to trigger them on/off. Our patent-pending technology allows you to turn the IR LED lights ON or OFF from app.”

Nothing innovative. Not “non-obvious to an expert in the field” (European patent test). This is from an Amsterdam,  The Netherlands based company. Speaking as a fellow Dutchie: embarrassing.

I hope and expect that the European patent office won’t grant that patent, as it just doesn’t pass even their basic tests. But think of why it was filed in the first place… what kind of stuffed business logic and waste of resources lies at the basis of that. Sigh.

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OSDC 2014 video: Contractor or Employee?

Business and companies in Australia make assumptions about contracting, and many are wrong. This can cost you.

In this talk at the OSDC 2014 conference I outline key aspects that the ATO looks at when determining whether a person is a contractor or an employee, and questions from the audience are addressed. Relevant resources are also noted.

Upstarta @ Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014

As is now tradition, Upstarta is providing play-doh for the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014 Conference Dinner, with a theme for the attendees to play with at each table.

Arjen will also present a session “Contractor or Employee?”

OSDC 2014 is held at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, 4-7 November 2014. Registrations are still open, with tickets for $280. This includes all lunches as well as the dinner!