Business Plan

June 7, 2013

At Upstarta meetings we’ve explored the concept of business plans. In a “traditional” business, you need a business plan because …read the rest

Pigs Don’t Fly – Things Learnt from Unsuccessful Crowd-Funding

May 28, 2013 Zac Martin writes: “So my half court shot for a product I was crowd-funding on Pozible missed. Not by …read the rest

Remission Advice

May 23, 2013

Australian companies have this strange habit, they issue “remission advice” notifications when they’ve paid an invoice. I suppose the practise …read the rest

Class of 2013: Four Things You Must Unlearn Immediately

May 22, 2013

Original article at: (copied in full here as the url doesn’t look like a permalink) Daniel Shapiro wrotes: “I …read the rest

Low Volume and Custom Made – Opportunities

May 13, 2013

I’ve mentioned 3D printing before as an example of enabling technology. Tools that used to cost tens of thousands of …read the rest