OSDC 2014 video: Contractor or Employee?

Business and companies in Australia make assumptions about contracting, and many are wrong. This can cost you.

In this talk at the OSDC 2014 conference I outline key aspects that the ATO looks at when determining whether a person is a contractor or an employee, and questions from the audience are addressed. Relevant resources are also noted.

Upstarta @ Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014

As is now tradition, Upstarta is providing play-doh for the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014 Conference Dinner, with a theme for the attendees to play with at each table.

Arjen will also present a session “Contractor or Employee?”

OSDC 2014 is held at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, 4-7 November 2014. Registrations are still open, with tickets for $280. This includes all lunches as well as the dinner!

Re-inventing the wheel: Why not? Many do | betaboston.com

Work, Family, Health, Friends, Integrity

People are discussing whether the concept of “work-life balance” is disappearing. It is noted that the phrasing points to a dichotomy: more of one will mean less of other other. So far so good. I could agree with something more broad and that doesn’t look like a set of scales.

In further discussion, it is then pointed out that for some, work and life is blended – that’s where they lose me. Indeed, many people have essentially sacrificed their non-work time to work. They check and reply to emails, take phone calls from their boss, and more. I reckon that’s daft.

I believe it’s actually very disrespectful for a company (managers) to work in that way. It’s also unwise, as they’ll be straining their employees which ultimately hurts everybody as well as business.

“Work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back.
The other four balls– family, health, friends, integrity– are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.”

Gary Keller

It is not often I agree with real-estate salesman!

The analogy is interesting – it makes it look like a juggling act, and that’s often what it feels like. Pretty good!

I think we can agree that finding (or creating!) a new job is easier than restoring damaged health or recovering messed up family life. They’re all hard (some would say impossible), but there are degrees.

If you really had to choose to drop one of these aspects to save others, which would you pick? (and why)

Marketing blah: live webinar

What the blazes is that, a live webinar?

Webinar… an atrocious word in itself, means an online/web seminar.

As seminar is a fairly informal form of an academic lecture, and generally contains a component of interactivity – either there is an opportunity for questions at the end of presentations, or later in the hallway.

In context, so far so good. You can do that online. Fine.

So why do companies now need to put the adjective “live” in front… what does that mean?