We Live in a World Where Man Walked on the Moon

Jim Lovell on living in a world where we landed on the moon

That first moonlanding happened over 42 years ago, a few months after I was born.

Today I’m in a serious “fed up with negativity” attitude, of politicians that keep saying no to everything, but also in many other places and situations. Personally, I think “can do attitude” is part bollocks in the way it’s often presented – a bit of realism doesn’t hurt and just blindly doing stuff makes no sense. But definitely, I firmly believe that a positive outlook on things and imagining “what might be” goes way further than a “can’t do”.

People are not helpless, and don’t need to wait for someone else or the illusive they/them to fix or improve things. And that is, to a degree, an attitude issue. (more on this soon)

One thought on “We Live in a World Where Man Walked on the Moon”

  1. There is a paradigm for [“fed up with negativity” attitude] it called:
    Scarcity paradigm (meaning “your perception of the world around you”)

    Your words “can do attitude” is part of the paradigm called:
    Abundance paradigm.

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