Define Your Image

My own thoughts on this:

Image is created by what you say and
more specifically by what you do now;
not just by what you intend, and
definitely not by what you say but don’t do, or
have done in the past.

I think this applies whether you’re an individual, a business or other organisation, or even a country.

One thought on “Define Your Image”

  1. Hi arjen,
    You have a unique philosophy on life. I see you think through things:
    Let us number each of the lines above as 1 to 5 (i.e. line1, line2, line3, line4, and line5)

    line1: image by (only a little) of what you say, indeed more important line2
    line2: image IS THIS THING
    line3: the words not just imply there is some value (I think NOT)
    line4: Yes this is true
    line5: Yes it plays a part (it is called history and is used by customers in the business world to build TRUST)

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