Changing Site Technology

We’d been using pmWiki, and this proved problematic in both user management with the subscriptions, as well as member contributions in terms of blog posts and the resource wiki. Our idea was that a wiki would most encourage participation, but of course the infra as a whole needs to work well for that to be the case.

We’re moving to WordPress which is of course well known and popular, with some plugins for the subscriptions, wiki and other aspects. We reckon this will do the job much better. Of course, some of the key plugins (such as wiki) were not available or mature enough when we first set up the site. We’ll critically assess how the new setup works out in practice, I think websites are by nature works in progress.

Evolving operational technology as an organisation (and available tech) develops – not for its own sake – is generally quite a lot of work with migrations and training, but if it truly helps with what the organisation needs to do now (and that can and does change over time!) it can make good sense and even be regarded as a necessity.

Arjen’s own company Open Query moved from Eventum and pmWiki to Redmine, as it better deals with what the business is doing – it supports the business process rather than warping or hindering it. Win.