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OSDC 2014 video: Contractor or Employee?

Business and companies in Australia make assumptions about contracting, and many are wrong. This can cost you.

In this talk at the OSDC 2014 conference I outline key aspects that the ATO looks at when determining whether a person is a contractor or an employee, and questions from the audience are addressed. Relevant resources are also noted.

Upstarta @ Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014

As is now tradition, Upstarta is providing play-doh for the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2014 Conference Dinner, with a theme for the attendees to play with at each table.

Arjen will also present a session “Contractor or Employee?”

OSDC 2014 is held at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, 4-7 November 2014. Registrations are still open, with tickets for $280. This includes all lunches as well as the dinner!

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