Upstarta Labs: office space, and much more – using less: $300/desk/month.

When you work alone it’s often useful to just step out of your cocoon to interact with other humans as well as to get some feedback on what you’re planning and doing. Even when you have a small team, it’s valuable to get additional diversity of viewpoints. To make this effective, you need others with a compatible mindset, otherwise you spend all your time explaining and validating rather than discussing real stuff.

In Australia, 97% of businesses are classified as small business (1-20 people), many of those are micro-businesses  (1-5 people). Upstarta Labs are not merely a co-working space, and not just an incubator. Upstarta Labs are little tribes, a specifically selected sub-set of your larger environment to help you develop your ideas and business. It’s in some ways similar to finding someone to do a house-share with. Rather than wanting just anybody to pay part of the rent, we look for people who will get along with in the lounge room and other common areas and situations. This to ensure the “little tribe” system works, and because we have to deal with other factors such as lease terms and insurance as well, we require commitment.

Do you want become part of a little Upstarta tribe? Read on and express your interest today!

Who – You

  • Businesses/organisations (non-profits ok too) of 1-5 people.
  • Diverse, not just IT/web/tech.
  • Build your organisation using the Upstarta Principles – even if you’re not quite there, we’re happy to help you get on track!
  • By application, panel selection (remember we’re peers, not VCs).
  • You commit to a desk space and partaking in the Upstarta activities for a rolling 3 or 6 month period, paid in advance. This means that you permanently have $1000-$2000 credit with Upstarta and top it up until such time that you give notice, then you can simply use up the credit before you leave.
  • It will be possible to “transfer” your desk subscription, as long as the prospective new subscriber successfully completes the normal selection process.
  • You’d be in the office for at least 2-3 days per week.

What – Upstarta Labs

  • Open plan office space
  • Maximum of 20-25 people per location – your local Upstarta family!
  • A few desks on side for casual visitors, possibly with “light client” terminals
  • Internet: wired + wireless, decent bandwidth including good uplink
  • Network printer, copier, scanner, outbound fax
  • Space allowing: 1-2 meeting/board/training rooms
  • Toilets, sink – if possible: small kitchen
  • On-site mentoring and other fun activities in a welcoming, supportive environment.
  • Access to online tools/services via Upstarta
  • Opportunities for publicity through Upstarta site and other contacts we have built over the years.
  • Depending on the location there might be options for out-of-hours work access (other than for group activities), however while we appreciate enthusiasm and commitment we also want you to have a healthy life (and thus discourage working at, for instance, 3am on a Saturday morning).

HowTo – your arrangements

  • $300/month per desk space (+GST) with 3 or 6 month rolling subscription, paid in advance.
  • BYO trestle table + desk chair
  • You can bring & leave monitor/keyboard/mouse, an entire computer, and/or other stuff – your desk is yours.
  • Arrange your own VOIP phone # if you need a “fixed” line
  • Arrange a Fax → email (if you need it)

Where – First

We are starting in/near Brisbane, but we’ve done feasibility research for all Australian capitals to verify that the basic economics work without creating complications with the pricing. We aim for relatively central locations, easy to get to by public transport and other businesses and facilities nearby. Parking spaces are nice but not a prerequisite.

  1. Brisbane – looking at South Brisbane
  2. QLD Gold Coast -> co-working already active with GC TechSpace
  3. QLD Sunshine Coast
  4. Sydney – most likely location: North Sydney
  5. Melbourne

When – now?

For Brisbane specifically, your time is now, but we’re also actively gauging interest for other locations – the timeline will depend on the level of interest at your location (so do spread the word!) and organisational/logistical aspects (we realistically won’t be able to launch two locations at exactly the same time). A location can start when we have a sufficient proportion of the desk spaces committed to. There will be no external financial dependencies.

Wow – I want to be part of this!

Express your interest today using our Google form.

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